Why Lirror.com


Our LED mirrors respond to all styles with their innovative design: Bluetooth, Clock, Thermometer or integrated electrical outlet. To be installed easily and used perfectly, our designers will never stop surprising you with more amazing styles.


Our lighted mirrors have a low watt high lumen system which designed to illuminate your face and remove shadows easily. With the memory touch, you can control the lighted power also the color temperature that helps protect your eyes and have a better view.


As an expert in the wall mirrors, we prepare the product packaging carefully and professionally, so our illuminated mirror can be well protected without any surprises, and we always present you the best service to ensure the quality of delivery.


All our transactions are 100% secure and under control thanks to the best internet payment platforms like PayPal, 3D Secure by credit card or bank transfer, this ensures you a fast, efficient delivery after the integration of your payment.



All our LED mirrors are created after

an examination of your daily life.

Tested and approved, the careful creation

 of our mirrors by multiple steps

can simplify your life.


Quality • Illuminated Mirror

Memory Touch

The function of this touch is not limited to turn on or off the mirror. Because of the special system, our technicians gave you the opportunity to control the power of the LEDs as well as to change to the temperature color which you prefer.

Careful Manufacture

Owing to the possibility of vertical or horizontal installation, your LED mirror will blend in any design and will be answered to any style of deco. Protect with a plastic and transparent film, it will avoid scratches and dust until at your home.

Smart Functions

Because of a modern manufacturing, we guarantee you a high quality mirror. Equipped with the latest trends, screen, clock, temperature, speaker, Bluetooth, they are proving to be a real aesthetic addition to the ambiance of your room.

Design with Outlet

You want to stand out from others? You are in the right place. Our designers wanted to distinguish themselves by choosing unique options but at the same time very practical, such as the integrated electrical outlet which you will not find elsewhere.


Location • LED Mirror

Dressing Table

If you want to give a new breath every day, our dressing table mirrors will certainly interest you. Practicing one’s job in front of a LED mirror is much easier. Designed to illuminate the face, they will give you extra lighting. Thanks to the light around the mirror, you will not have any shadow on the face, so you can observe the smallest details and have a hairstyle worthy of your name.


Good lighting is always a necessity for the bathroom. Indeed, our designers have developed this idea by offering you both functional and illuminated mirrors. Being a wet room, the anti-fog function that can quickly disperse the mist is essential. Our LEDs will help you to reach the smallest details during your makeup or your shave and respect its charm and design.

Living Room

An illuminated room doesn’t only pass through the installation of bulbs but also a LED mirror. In fact, ideal for a perfect living room, it is better to illuminate while diffusing the soft light and especially not aggressive to the eyes. Because of the ecology system, you have a very low consumption but with a longer use. The LED mirror will give your living room an elegant and comfortable atmosphere.

Dressing Room

To illuminate a dark place such as a dressing room, there is no better than a LED mirror. So you don’t need to create a visual break, the dressing room can be separated from the room by the reflection that the mirror will give it. A large LED mirror will not only give a great effect to your dressing room but it will also be too practical when you dress.